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Delegate Assembly
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The NASW-NYC Nominations Committee Seeks Recommendations for Chapter Elections


The Chapter’s Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification has requested that members begin to make recommendations now. The basic requirement for being nominated is current membership in NASW.

In keeping with NASW’s Affirmative Action policy, Chapter leadership must proportionally reflect the number of women (79%) and people of color (19%) in the organization’s overall membership. NASW recognizes the following groups in its Affirmative Action policy: American Indian/Native Americans; Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders; Blacks and Latinos. The Chapter will also consider sexual orientation as part of its affirmative action goals.

Please use this form to make your recommendations. If you would like details regarding the duties and responsibilities of the respective positions, please call (212) 668-0050.

And the NYC Delegatioin

General Description

 December 2011

The National NASW Delegate Assembly is a triennial virtual gathering of NASW representatives from across the country. The Assembly develops policy statements and program priorities for NASW. By virtual we mean that many meetings take place electronically, using the internet and conference call.

There are two types of policies addressed at the Assembly: social policies and professional policies. These are statements that are developed or revised and are published in NASW's "Social Work Speaks".

The Assembly also considers, from time to time, revisions to the NASW Code of Ethics. Finally, the Assembly develops program priority goals for the organization to be carried out over the three years following the Assembly's meeting.

The Delegate Assembly is comprised of 200 elected delegates elected at the chapter level two years prior to the Assembly. The members of the National Board of Directors are also Delegates, as is the National NASW Executive Director. Executive directors of the 56 NASW chapters are non-voting delegates.

The number of delegates that a chapter may elect is based of the proportion of members each chapter has to the total national NASW membership. For example, the NYC Chapter has 14 delegates, with one of them always being the chapter president. Delegates serve for three years, two years leading up to the Delegate Assembly and one year following it.

Delegates meet with one another in their chapter delegations. Plans are developed in these forums and delegates accept responsibility based on their interest and expertise. Chapter delegations also network with delegates from other chapters in what have become coalitions. The NYC Chapter belongs to the Eastern Coalition and includes the NYS, PA, Del., NJ, P.R., and Virgin Island chapters. Delegates may participate in a coalition meeting the year prior to the Assembly meeting.

Recent Developments

In 2008 the Delegate Assembly underwent a significant change: instead of meeting face to face, the meeting was conducted on-line and via conference call. The NYC Delegation participated in this virtual assembly by convening at Fordham University, with each delegate having access to a computer and one central speaker phone. Voting on policy statements occurred prior to the convening of the virtual assembly, allowing the time for the Delegate Assembly itself to be much shorter. Once a 4-day event is now two afternoons in August (in 2014 it was a Friday and Saturday afternoon.) Anyone who serves as a Delegate needs to commit to being available for these days.


TERM:       Three Years (July 2012 to June 2014)
                     Represent the Chapter membership at the “virtual” triennial Delegate Assembly during 2 half days in August, 2014 (virtual means participation through the internet, conference calls, etc.)
                     Assume responsibility for preparing for the Assembly with the NYC Delegation.
                     Review and become familiar with NASW social and professional policy statements that will be up for revisions.
                     Participate in periodic meetings of the NYC Delegation in the two years prior and one year following the Delegate Assembly.
                     Participate in meetings (via conference call or in-person) of the regional coalition of chapter delegations prior to the Delegate Assembly.
                     Interpret decisions of the NYC delegation and the Delegate Assembly as appropriate.
         •       Attend all meetings of the NYC delegation, the regional coalition, and the “virtual” Delegate Assembly.
          •        Become familiar with the business of the Delegate Assembly.
          •        Some public speaking.
•        Member of NASW.
         •        Active in NASW, preferred.
         •        A commitment to furthering the interests of the profession through itsthe NASW Delegate Assembly
TIME COMMITMENT:       Moderate over three years.


 Automatically-Referred Policies for the 2014 Delegate Assembly

1.         Affirmative Action
2.         Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
3.         Child Abuse and Neglect
4.         Cultural and Linguistic Competence in the Social Work Profession
5.         Disasters
6.         Early Childhood Care and Services
7.         Education of Children and Youths
8.         Electoral Policy
9.         End of Life Care
10.       Gender, Ethnic and Race-based Workplace Discrimination
11.       Homelessness
12.       Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Issues
13.       Long Term Care
14.       Physical Punishment of Children
15.       Public Child Welfare
16.       Racism
17.       Role of Government, Social Policy and Social Work
18.       School Truancy and Dropout Prevention
19.       Women in the Social Work Profession
20.       Women’s Issues
21.       Youth Suicide


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