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The Chapter Newsletter, Currents, highlights cutting edge developments in social work by field of practice, as well as the impact of policies on the profession field, and by communities served.


Below you will see the issues of Currents from the year 2004 through the present.




Spring - An Open Letter to the NASW-NYC Membership

Winter - 2020 Greetings





Fall - Trauma-Informed Care


Winter - Special Issue on Immigration





October - What's New at NASW-NYC


April - Child Welfare


February - Self-Care




December - Currents


September/October - Currents


May - 3rd Annual CE Conference


April - Impacted Communities


February - Welcome New Executive Director & Spotlight on School Social Work 





December - In the Aftermath of the Election Chapter's Advocacy and Legislative Agenda 


September/October - Currents

June - Black Diaries and Practice

April/May - Children and Families, Licensing and Homelessness

January/February - Licensing, CE, Safety



September/October - Human Rights, ICD- Codes, Annual Meeting, etc


June/July - 47th Annual Addictions Institute: Focus on the Dangers of Emerging Drugs


April/May - NASW-NYC Conference Draws Close to 1000


January/February - LGBTQ Poverty in NYC: Busting the Gay Affluence Myth





November/December - Poverty and Mental Health in NYC & Social Work in Context of Ebola

September/October - Called to be Architects of a Fair and Better Future

June - Salary Disparities, Poverty Toolkit Available and Report from Annual Meeting

March/April - A Dynamic Time in NYC; A Dynamic Time at NASW


January/February - Salary Campaign, Remembering MLK and Nelson Mandela, and Advice for Bill de Blasio




November/December - 1 Year Later: Looking Back on Hurricane Sandy; Chapter Priorities Include Inequality and Poverty, Social Work Salaries, Reimbursement, and Loan Forgiveness


September/October - Spotlight on Violence Against Women


May/June - Chapter Elections Are In


March/April -  What Social Workers Need To Know: Focus on the Major Changes in Health and Behavioral Health in New York


January/February -  We Are Our Brothers' and Sisters' Keepers: A Disaster, A Massacre, and Ongoing Poverty


NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012:  Special Focus on Mental Health Clinics and Fee-For-Service Practice

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012: Social Work This Political Season: So Much on the Line

MAY/JUNE 2012:  Annual Meeting 2012:  Opening Up New Dimensions of Mentoring and Networking is Focus of Keynote Address

MARCH/APRIL 2012 DSM-5 Projected for May, 2013 Publication Draft Revisions Continue To Be Met with Controversy and Challenges

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012: Honoring Leaders Across the Career Spectrum Draws Record-Breaking Crowd of Over 500



NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011:  NASW-NYC Leaders Share Personal Reflections What Does it Mean to You to be a Social Worker? What is the Relevance in Your Career, of Membership in NASW?  Standards for Technology & Social Work Practice.

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2011:  Worst Bus Accident in City's History.  Social Work's Expanding Role in a post 9/11 World

JUNE 2011:  Effective Leadership in Social Service Organizations: Combining Management and Clinical Perspectives

APRIL 2011:  Longest Serving Social Work School Dean Offers Perspective on the Field

MARCH 2011:  The NYS Budget.  Expectation of Cuts That Will Impact Health and Human Services and Social Workers.  How Social Workers Can Give Voice To Their Concerns

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011: Special Issue on Clinical Practice.  Raising the Question: What Is Clinical Practice? Looking at the Field, Beyond the Requirements for Licensing 



NOVEMBER 2010: Special Issue on Self-Care.  Professional Self-Care:  The Importance for Direct Practice, Supervisors Agencies, and Students

SEPTEMBER 2010:  New York State Loan Forgiveness Program Creates Opportunities

JUNE 2010:  Annual Meeting Highlights: “Social Workers, We Have Challenges”  

APRIL 2010:  Special Issue on Social Work Leadership.  Does It Make a Difference Who Is at the Top?  55 MSWs in Agency Leadership in New York City

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2010:  Outlook on the Future: Prospects for New Professional Social Workers

JANUARY 2010:  Intense Concern About Licensing Draws 450 to Seek Change



NOVEMBER 2009: FOCUS ON IMMIGRANTS IN NEW YORK CITY.  Immigrants in New York City – A Social Work Perspective

SEPTEMBER 2009:  Annual Meeting Opportunities for Social Work in New York City During a Time of Crisis, Dr. Jacqueline B. Mondros Delivers Keynote Speech

JUNE 2009:  SPECIAL ISSUE:  Social Work and the Disabilities Community.  Getting Comfortable with Disability.  What Social Workers Should Know

MAY 2009:  Chapter Committees, Task Forces and Collaborations Strengthening the Social Work Workforce - Opportunities for Member Participation

APRIL 2009:  New Professionals - New Challenges Early Career Social Workers Share Their Experiences

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2009:  Speaking Truth to Reality Social Workers Share Experiences as Men of Color

DECEMBER 2008/JANUARY 2009:  Celebrating Social Work Pioneers. Recognizing the Contributions of Longtime Members Enriching and Shaping the Profession



NOVEMBER 2008:  SPECIAL ISSUE Social Work and Veterans Services.  Veterans and Their Families as Multiple Service Consumers.  The Unique Role of Social Workers in Uncovering Hidden Needs of Clients


OCTOBER 2008:  Addressing Social Work and the Black Community Strengths, Barriers to Professional Development and Wellness are Focus of Conference


JULY 2008: Police Social Work A Unique Area of Practice Arising from Law Enforcement Functions


JUNE 2008:  Annual Meeting Highlights Unique Role for Social Workers in Addressing Immigration.  Dr. Marta Vega Inspires Cross Cultural Exchange


MAY 2008:  Gerontological Social Workers Probe Unexpected Consequences of Licensing Law.  Implications for Expanding the Workforce


APRIL 2008:  Building Bridges:  NASW-NYC New Professionals Task Force Engages New Social Workers


FEBRUARY/MARCH 2008:  Celebrating Emerging Social Work Leaders


DECEMBER 2007/JANUARY 2008:  SPECIAL ISSUE: Social Work with LGBT Communities.  Fostering Resilience In LGBT Communities: Empowerment, Identity and Difference.



NOVEMBER 2007:  Reflections on Social Workers in Politics As We Continue To Move Forward


OCTOBER 2007:  Focus Group on How Working Conditions Can Be Improved:  A Reasonable Imperative for Social Work Employers


JULY 2007:  Rekindling The Spirit of Social Work: Reinforcing the Profession and Building Bridges to the Futur

JUNE 2007:  Engaging in Clinical Private Practice Without the LCSW: What LMSWs and Supervisors Need to Know
MAY 2007: SPECIAL ISSUE:  Social Work in Latino Communities

APRIL 2007:  New Professionals - A Beacon for Future Social Work Leadership

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2007:  NASW Member Voices Needed:  Additional $1 Million Sought For Loan Forgiveness Program

DECEMBER 2006/JANUARY 2007:  SPECIAL ISSUE: Social Work in Communities of African Descent


NOVEMBER 2006:  Improving Working Conditions for Social Work Practice:  Implications for Service Quality and People’s Live

OCTOBER 2006:  Reflecting on the Fifth Anniversary of September 11th, 2001 As We Continue To Move Forward

JUNE/JULY 2006: Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker Alex Kotlowitz Charges Social Work Profession to Bear Witness

MAY 2006:  SPECIAL ISSUE: Social Work with Asian Communities

APRIL 2006:  SPECIAL ISSUE:  NASW-NYC Activities and Committee

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006:  The Theory of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: A View of Untreated PTSS over Generations

JANUARY 2006:  SPECIAL ISSUE:  Social Work and Homeless Services


NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2005:  SPECIAL ISSUE:  Social work and Child Welfare in the Voluntary Sector

OCTOBER 2005:  SPECIAL ISSUE: Social Work and Public Child Welfare

SEPTEMBER 2005:  “Professional Social Workers Can Help You Find Your Way”  Public Service Ads Placed in 40 Subway Entrances in NYC

JUNE/JULY 2005:  “Generations Connected” – NASW-NYC’s 50th Anniversary

MAY 2005:  SPECIAL ISSUE: Gerontological Social Work

APRIL 2005:  SPECIAL ISSUE: Social Work in Mental Health.  

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2005: Board Makes Repeal of Drug Laws a Chapter Priority


MAY 2004: Focus Group with School Social Workers

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